Camera Tips:
Always Store camera in a dry place when not in use. Remove batteries
if the Camera is going to be stored for more than 2 months. Have camera
cleaned by a professional after extended use in dusty,moist or sandy environments. Check your batteries before each photo session.

Camera Techniques:
When possible always use a tripod and a cable release to insure the
sharpest images. If a tripod can not be used place camera on a steady item..i.e your automobile or something near by.
Film and Care of:
To insure the highest quality of your photos use fresh film. If film is to be used on a later shoot store the film inside of a sealed bag and place inside of refrigerator. When you need to use the film at a later date set it out and allow the film to warm to room temperature. Have your film processed at your favorite photo finish as soon as possible once it has been exposed. Don’t use old or out dated film.

People Photography tips:
Red eye reduction does not mean Red eye elimination. To help reduce red eye you should try to photograph your subject in the brightness area of the room as possible. The best way to eliminate red eye is to have your flash mounted to one side of the camera about 4 to 6 inches above the camera. Try different angles for interesting compositions of your subject.